Tendril has been an up and coming company that provides software with energy intelligence to allow consumers take control of their personal energy use. Throughout the last 11 years of experience in energy and behavioral science, Tendril has applied its unique software platform to change the way energy products and services are marketed and consumed. Recently, I had the privilege to work with Galen Leith, Tom Marquis, Gabe Walford and Lily Nolan in creating a new, dynamic web presence that makes Tendril who they are and what they have and will achieve. Throughout the site redesign, I worked on the experience of the navigation, Solutions and Products imagery, icons, color theory and page layouts throughout the site.

David Bortnowski - Interim Art Director / UI Designer
Galen Leith - Creative Director
Tom Marquis - Motion Graphics / UI Designer
Lily Nolan - Intern
Gabe Walford - Front-End Developer